Gemison Technal as he appears to everyone during the Catalyst Crisis

The ultimate villain in the Multiverse, Xanthos Ragnarok is a general pain in the ass.

SPOILER WARNING: The following page may have content relating to the following TMC stories. Read at your own risk!

  • The Altervox Complex
  • The Ragnarok Solution

Physical DescriptionEdit

  • HEIGHT: Unknown
  • WEIGHT:Unknown
  • FIGURE: Muscular, almost bodybuilderish
  • EYES: black
  • HAIR COLOR: black
  • HAIR STYLE: long
  • IDENTIFYING MARKS: Vertical scar on his right eye 3" in length, pale skin

Psychological ProfileEdit

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Special TalentsEdit

Xanthos Rangarok is considered immortal. He is unable to be killed by traditional means. He also can transform into Xanthos Ahriman, a demon with even more powers.

Character BiographyEdit

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