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A very minor character in The Dreamancer Saga, Michaela Gershwin becomes a key point of Gemison Technal's survival in the Multiverse.

SPOILER WARNING: The following page may have content relating to the following TMC stories. Read at your own risk!

  • The Altervox Complex
  • The Ragnarok Solution

Physical DescriptionEdit

  • EYES:

Psychological ProfileEdit

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Special TalentsEdit

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Character BiographyEdit

Michaela was born to lower-class parents as an only child. Her father , and her mother . When she was five, her father abandoned her and her mother for a much younger woman.

Right away, Michaela showed a natural intellect that oftentimes was overshadowed by her beauty. As she grew up, she developed early physically, but she also began showing an unparalleled intellect, matched only by her friend Tiana's brother Gemison. She developed a crush on him which, over time, developed into actual feelings.

Unfortunately, Michaela became an early victim of David Blackman in middle school. Due to the lack of father figures in her life, Michaela was easily influenced by Blackman.


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