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The mastermind behind CHIPS, Ashley Scott (better known to her cohorts as "Harmony") is a unique force in the world of Nocturne.

SPOILER WARNING: The following page may have content relating to the following TMC stories. Read at your own risk!

  • The Altervox Complex
  • The Ragnarok Solution

Physical DescriptionEdit

  • HEIGHT: 5'10"
  • WEIGHT: 135 lb
  • FIGURE: Voluptuous; however, Harmony takes great pride in her appearance and rarely dresses in outfits that exploit her figure, choosing instead more loose and business-conductive clothes.
  • EYES: Brown
  • HAIR COLOR: Chocolate brown
  • HAIR STYLE: Free-flowing and slightly curled to just past her shoulders or in a ponytail.
  • CLOTHING STYLE: Professional style; pantsuits and classy dresses. Has an obsession with high heels.

Psychological ProfileEdit

Harmony comes from a region of Nocturne that was heavily influenced by Otherealm's British Empire; as such, she has a very heavy British accent and focuses on being as prim and proper as possible. However, she's also been known to spout off curses the likes of which the boys just cannot compare with. She's also calm and collected with just about everyone she meets. To truly get on her bad side, you have to go after someone she cares about, of which there's not very many.

Harmony is openly bisexual, but does not actively engage in a relationship with anyone of her team. In fact, as of the start of the events in The Altervox Complex, she has never been involved with anyone, being a strict modern woman of standards.

Special TalentsEdit

If there is one thing Harmony is known for, it's getting people of different backgrounds and cultures to cooperate fluently without major dramas, hence her nickname among the CHIPS group.

Character BiographyEdit

Not much is known of Ashley Scott prior to her forming the CHIPS except her nickname. This may be explored in a later book or story.


  • Harmony is originally a character created by Tracey Everatt, a British friend of Cornett's. This version, however, while maintaining some of the original personality quirks of Everatt's character, has several key revisions to reflect her background. For example, the original Harmony (which was the character's real first name) had split personality disorder, a trait that has not carried over to the Multiverse edition of the character. This, as well as other changes, were done to ensure a Multiverse continuity that would not affect other stories Everatt would write with her version of the character.